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Right to Give Thanks

by Kenwani'cahee Ryan-Kravitz

Well I guess you could gather to celebrate the genocide of my people and the theft of our homelands if you must, its your RIGHT under the constitution take it from me your very own "merciless Indian savage"!

Take your masks off, pass the covid and small pox too, Oh and dont forget your little ol granny!

Hold on tight, keep up the lies oops I meant "stories", hold them near and dear they've upheld this colonized establishment since 1776 or was it fourteen ninety two when our relatives found the italian guy lost at sea.

Sanitize that as well while your at it...or you might loose your sanity, humanity or is it all just profanity?

Hogwash and hoaxes, pumpkin pie, gobble gobble and champagne toast'es!

Halfheartedly Ive gathered in the feasts, no thanks table.. set the smable, its the hurt, pain and knowing I just cant ignore!

Photo: Michael Kuker, Cinder cone, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Lassen County, California 2007

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