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Anti-Racism Pledges

By the Coalition for Restorative Justice

In order to live in a more just world we must act against injustices happening at home. There is a history of silencing marginalized communities in Shasta County in favor of conveying a positive and resilient image. Shasta County is not immune to the violence of oppression despite calls for unity in the public eye. Coalition for Restorative Justice was created to enact an anti-racist platform and framework to develop a Shasta County anchored in action and accountability rather than a limiting and inaccurate ideal.


We acknowledge a need for healing the damage to individuals and communities caused by racism--as well as the need for systemic change. The following pledges were developed as a way to encourage action-oriented goals for our families, places of work, and institutions. They can be used as a way to benchmark and encourage individual and collective progress toward an anti-racist systems and communities.

To encourage youth participation and opportunities for early education around anti-racism we have also developed middle and elementary school level pledges for use at home, or in the classroom.

Anti-Racism Pledges:

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