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Anti-Racist Families

By the Coalition for Restorative Justice Compiled by Zaynab Malik

Alongside the massive demonstrations across the nation in support of Black Lives Matter, there has recently been a tidal wave of resource sharing on the internet. This means there is no lack of places to start as we commit to our anti-racist journey as individuals and families! Below are some links that can guide parents in raising anti-racist children. 

PBS How to Talk to Your Kids About Anti-Racism: A List of Resources      
This article is jam-packed with links that offer resources for a variety of topics!

Nickelodeon Nick News Presents: Kids, Race and Unity
“Hosted by Alicia Keys, Nick News talks with founders and leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement, offer tools for families to have constructive conversations about race, and highlights teen activists who are fighting racial injustice in Kids, Race and Unity: A Nick News Special.” This special is rated G. 

TED Talk How to Teach Kids About Taboo Topics by Liz Kleinrock
 Aimed at educators first and foremost, this TED talk is a helpful resource for parents as well. Kleinrock shares her own experience       to help us understand how adult reactions & emotions during conversations about race, sexuality, etc. will shape the way children       listening will then speak about the topic. 

Buzzfeed How to Raise Race Conscious Children by Dr. Erin Winkler
A step-by-step guide!

We Are Teachers 21 Anti-Racism Videos to Share with Kids

Storyline Celebrate Black Stories and Black Voices
This link will take you to the home page. Hopefully they will continue to highlight the collection “Celebrate Black Stories and Black Voices” at the top of the home page. They offer quite a few picture books being read by celebrities, including some about various identities and social justice issues. If there is a specific book that you’d like to hear, you can search for it!

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